standard ebooks free open source public domain epubs
no starch press ebooks on hacking, programming, etc
stanford encyclopedia of philosophy open access philosophy papers
microcosm publishing zines, books, documentaries
indiebound index of independent bookstores
emily books "weird books by women"
foxfire diy outdoors magazine
arxiv largest repository of open access papers
lapis lazuli texts cc-licensed translations of buddhist texts
eserver cc-licensed works on humanities related topics
global voices international cc-licensed news by citizen contributors
common dreams cc-licensed news


twin fox creations relaxed, upbeat electronic
mute industrial record label
pesanta urfolk PNW record label
alreves netlabel
DFM RTV INT internet radio
soma fm internet radio
// aNONradio // haven't listened to this yet, idk
hollow earth radio seattle local station, lots of live studio shows
WFKU goth radio
karl klomp maker of analog synthesizers


low tech magazine how to make your own tech
pick your own index of farms where you can go to pick your own food
the road chose me blog about offgrid living
openfarm farming wiki


earth first! activist group
sea shepherd conservation society oceanic activism


the listserve mailing list where one member a day writes an email to the entire group
SDF public access unix system (gopher) free shell accounts and hosting
the well one of the oldest web communities
anapnea shell hosting community
respiratio shell hosting community, related to anapnea
goblin refuge mediagoblin instance one of the most popular demoscene sites
polarhome shell hosting community
operating systems
protean OS libre embedded OS
redox OS unix-like OS written in rust
temple OS defies all description
openwrt replacement for proprietary router firmware
tails secure operating system on a stick
trisquel ubuntu derivative with no closed sources
replicant fully free android replacement
kolibri OS open source 64-bit OS written entirely in assembly
urbit nobody knows what this is
copperhead OS secure android fork
chisel fossil scm hosting self-publishing for games
neocities geocities-inspired site hosting
newhive like ytmnd meets tumblr, but for cool kids
system 76 laptops & desktops with preinstalled ubuntu
free information society media archive
muckrock repository for FOIA requests the original cloud hosting. this site runs on it.
jameco electronics electronic components
shodan searches any computer opened to the net
recompiler feminist cryptography zine
REST Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures
ccc-tv recorded talks from chaos communication congress
the setup interviews with people asking what tools they use
irccloud contributors to IRC protocols
fastmail contributors to email protocols (including JMAP)
hexblog developers of IDA Pro disassembler
open culture blog/repository for libre media
kparc developer of k programming language
julia evans wrote a zine about strace
ramsey nasser developer of قلب programming language
julian oliver privacy and security related artwork
bunnie studios hardware hacker
imperialviolet adam langley, google security engineer
koos van den hout linux, amateur radio, hardware stuff
scotswoman without a cause gnusocial developer/admin
chris novello teacher at RISD, site has some interesting stuff about computers + culture
femicom feminism + old computers, what's not to like
kiosk mode great site for windows software & utilities
little weaver web collective worker owned tech cooperative
pgl made a very useful adserver blocklist
rms the one, the only
devine lu linvega interesting intersection of art & technology
pj mcdermott protean OS developer
hideki saito games, darkweb, open source
rob hansen encryption, secure voting systems
derek yu games, art
studio pixel games
joey hess git-annex/etckeeper developer
lcamtuf american fuzzy lop developer
daemonic dispatches tarsnap developer
yan (@bcrypt) developer on lots of eff/privacy related stuff
angus gratton hardware hacker
isis agora lovecruft tor developer
jason wryan linux stuff
division by zero hacker collective
american fuzzy lop security oriented fuzzer
fossil scm vcs designed to last 1,000 years, from the maker of sqlite
freedomotic open source IoT
shout irc client self hosted IRC bouncer + web client open source crowdfunding platform
clib package manager for c
gnusocial network status check whether popular GS servers are up
suckless minimalist unix utilities
supercollider programming language for real time audio synthesis & control
opensimulator federated multiverse server
camlistore self hosted cloud storage
interplanetary filesystem distributed p2p encrypted filestore
ricochet encrypted anonymous IM
crystal programming language ruby-like, but type-checked and compiled
rump kernel compile your program into a kernel for a single purpose OS
bhyve - bsd hypervisor lightweight virtual machines
liberty bsd openbsd with no binary blobs
opencores open source cpu/soc cores
usb armory single board computer on a usb stick. when plugged into a host computer, can use its keyboard and mouse. focused on security applications.
ello 2m diy tablet with hardware keyboard focused on learning electronics and programming
novena fully open hardware with built-in fpga. probably the best option right now for a liberated general purpose hackable computer
talos secure workstation powerpc system with fully open hardware, intended for professional desktop use. still in design phase
ministry of freedom sells liberated thinkpads
neo900 open smartphone
dragonbox pyra successor to openpandora (open handheld computer)
eoma68 pluggable single board computer that can use any number of host 'shells' for i/o


cray cyber free shell accounts on refurbished cray supercomputers
eternal september free access to usenet newsgroups
living computer museum seattle computer museum, offers shell accounts on restored mainframes
brutal deluxe apple II demoscene group
ivanx apple II hacker
krüe apple II hacker
phat code ms-dos and qbasic demoscene
nishida radio DIGITAL apple II hardware hacker
quinn dunki 8-bit hardware hacker with some apple II stuff
xanadu the original internet
floodgap (gopher) retrocomputing projects and links
yepitsme games/fantasy stuff
ken silverman developer of ken's labyrinth
eqemulator reverse-engineered everquest server
linux-minidisc reverse-engineering netMD protocol


least authority encrypted backups using tahoe-LAFS. $25/month for unlimited data

+ zero-knowledge
+ open source client & server
+ can self-host additional fileserver nodes and pool them
david ross good info on using PGP
adam back cryptography hacker
hyperboria mesh networking
openNIC project open DNS provider
piratebox offline filesharing / meshnet
freenet interesting darknet
yubikey neo hardware authentication token
libreboot replacement for proprietary BIOS/UEFI
enigmail thunderbird plugin for GPG emails
keepassx password manager

+ can lock database with password & keyfile
+ compatible with keepass 1.x database format

- autofill features are unintuitive and linux only
- no keepass 2.x database format support yet
- keepass database format has some security concerns
torbirdy thunderbird plugin that allows connecting via tor
tor browser bundle all in one browser + tor client


orca network orca sightings in puget sound
brainwave frequency listening interesting theories about binaural beats
poetry on buses
know a cool link? send it to